Your New Home

From design to move in, Duneland Fine Homes can cover all your bases and bring you home—on time and on budget.

The Design

The design of your home is done in full partnership with you. No matter what you're budget we're eager to meet the challenge. If your plans are already in hand, we'll be happy to help refine or make adjustments to suite your site and any changes you might want to make.

Site Selection

Site selection can impact design, vistas and the overall feel of you new home. We can help get you started if you haven't already selected a site. Nobody knows this part of Michigan and Indiana like we do. From a site with a stunning Lake Michigan view to a hilly wooded enclave in the dunes we'll help you discover exactly where you want to be—and put you in touch with sellers and/or realtors to get the deal made.

The Architect

An Architect who fits your needs and the project can make a huge difference in the smooth running of your build. If you've already chosen an architect, we will be happy to work with him or her. If you haven't chosen one yet, we'll refer you to one of several we know, based on your specific needs. We encourage collaboration among the building team on every project. If you have purchased plans, we can take it from there and engineer the entire project.

Value Engineering and Costing

From the start we will help you get the most out of your investment. Once the design and site are determined, we'll begin to compile a listing of materials, costs and timing based on a detailed review of designs and drawings. If necessary well seek the expertise of subcontractors to help in the review, or to plan execution of difficult details. It's all in an effort to avoid cost and timing surprises later in the process. This greatly assists in the formal costing phase, which generates firm estimates. We'll review and discuss the costs in detail, as they form the basis for your financing and our formal agreement. General contracting fees are usually defined as either cost plus a fee: all building construction costs plus an agreed upon fee (usually a Percentage) or cost plus a fee with a maximum price: We can work with either measure to achieve your total desired costs.

Our Formal Agreement

Our Formal Agreement uses standard American Institute of Architects (AIA) contracts. These tried-and-true agreements define and protect the rights and obligations of all parties involved.

Schedule of Events

Your Critical Path Schedule is a powerful tool that enables us to coordinate the timing and planning of all events during the building process. It allows you to know the "what and when" of every phase of building of your home. You'll receive notifications of any changes that impact the overall schedule as soon as we know them. Schedules and other critical documents, AND progress photographs will be provided to you in a timely manner.