The Design

It begins in the mind's eye—yours—and is eventually set down on paper—ours. The process of designing your home is equal parts art, science and heart. Duneland Fine Homes is a full partner—long before we even lift a hammer. Whether your dream has no limits or you have more dream than budget, we're eager to meet the challenge—on-time, on-budget. And, if you already have your plans, we'll be happy to help you refine them so that they suit you to a "T."

The Site

If you haven't selected one, we'll be glad to get you started. First, we'll spend some time reviewing your likes and dislikes. Perhaps you found your inspiration in a home or architectural magazine. That's a great start. Not sure where you want to be? We can begin by taking driving tours of custom homes in neighborhoods in Indiana and Michigan – or maybe stunning views of Lake Michigan is what you have your heart set on. We know the shoreline and the realtors who service the villages and towns along our beautiful lakefront.

We can help identify the style that identifies you.

Your Architect

It's important to work with an architect who fits your needs and the project. Some of our clients have architects already, and we're happy to work with yours if you have one in mind. If you don't, we'd be happy to refer you to one of several we know, based on your specific needs. We encourage collaboration among the building team on every project. If we are involved from the start of design, we can help build value by lending our experience to every phase of the process. If you already have plans, we can help engineer the project.

Value Engineering

Once you have a design, we'll help with a detailed review of the designs and drawings, with an experienced perspective on materials, costs, and timing. We might even call in subcontractors to help in the review, or to plan execution of difficult details. It's all in an effort to avoid cost and timing surprises later in the process. It also helps you get the most out of your investment.


When the plans and specifications are finalized, we undertake a formal costing phase, which generates firm estimates. We'll review and discuss the costs in detail, as they form the basis for your financing and our formal agreement. General Contracting Fees are usually defined in one of two ways:


At this point, we enter into a formal agreement to build. We use standard American Institute of Architects (AIA) contracts. These tried-and-true contracts define and protect the rights and obligations of all parties involved. At this point we'll create your own webpage on our web site. You'll receive a personal ID and Password so you can log on and see in real time how your home is progressing.

Schedule of Events

Every Project has a "Critical Path Schedule." This powerful tool enables us to coordinate the timing and planning of events during the building process. And it allows you to know the "what and when" of every phase of building of your home. We'll share it with you, update it as necessary, and notify you of any changes that impact the overall schedule immediately.


From permitting to the final stroke of a paintbrush, Duneland Fine Homes will strive to exceed your expectations. We pride ourselves on professionally run projects, with orderly, clean and safe jobsites. We employ the best people and subcontractors available, and don't hesitate to hire specialty craftsmen to bring special details to life, no matter how far we have to go to find them.

We find that people perform their best work when they look at a project as an artistic endeavor.

Sometimes it is difficult for owners to visualize certain details from a set of plans. We encourage owners to visit the project and get a feel for the home regularly. Building is an interesting process and we like to have you involved in it. We schedule a series of visits to review details and see firsthand some of the milestones of constructing a home.

Moving In

Our goal is to have a certificate of occupancy and have you move in on schedule, hassle-free. Some builders pride themselves on responding to minor issues after occupancy (so-called 'punch lists'); at Duneland fine Homes, our goal is not to have them. Upon move-in, Duneland Fine Homes will provide you with a detailed homeowners manual. This manual will be your one stop reference for all operation, maintenance, and warranty issues for all the systems and features of your new home. When your construction documents and contracts are added to it, the manual will be an organized and detailed overview of your new investment.


Duneland Fine Homes provides a one-year warranty on all workmanship and materials. But we do not disappear after that day passes. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction in the premier custom homes we design and build greatly exceeds any arbitrary unit of time.

Are you ready?

For virtually every style, every dream, every unique need, Duneland Fine Homes has built some of the finest premier custom homes in Indiana and Michigan. And for those enamored with lake homes and the sunny shores of Lake Michigan, our Lake Michigan homes are simply unparalleled.